Thursday, April 29, 2010

Working in the Shop

Today Mommy and I went to see what Daddy and Nino Martin were working on in the shop. I thought I would give them a hand.
Hey guys. I'm here to help.

What's this soccer ball doing in the shop?

Wow, this is kind of neat.
How old do I have to be to drive one of these?

What happens if I push this button?

Nino, if you make the changes I just told you about, you should go faster.

I've given them all the advise I had. Now its time to play soccer.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rylee's Birthday Party

Rylee turned two years old. Her Mommy and Daddy had a party for her at home. I had a great time. I jumped on a trampoline for the first time and I played with water. I also enjoyed swinging on her swing.

Resting up for Rylee's birthday party with my new best friend, Chango (the sock monkey)

Chillin' with GG

Watch out. I will squirt you.

Swinging with Caitlin.

I don't know, Caitlin. This doesn't look safe. Maybe we should ask for help.

Caitlin has this jumping thing down, but I don't. I still loved it though.

Jumping of the trampoline with Caitlin and Rylee.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My New Best Friend

At Movers and Shakers, the instructors use a sock monkey to show the adults what to do with the children when we stretch before class. I started taking the monkey from the instructors and I carried it around through out class. Daddy told Mommy that they needed to get me my own sock monkey, so Mommy found one at the store. One weekend morning, Daddy took me into his bedroom and Mommy was laying in bed with a sock monkey. I wish you could have seen how excited I was. Now I carry him around and sleep with him. I like to wrap him in a blanket and have Mommy and Daddy put clothes on him. Mommy and Daddy call him Chango (which is a Spanish slang for monkey). Sometimes I call him Annie because i call all animals Annie.


Nap time with Chango

Chango wasn't tired, so he sat quietly and waited for me.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My First Birthday Party

Daddy had a race on my birthday weekend, so we scheduled my party for the following weekend. We had the party at home. Friends and family came from near and far to help me celebrate. Daddy surprised me with a jumping castle, and Nina Renee made me a pinata. About 50 friends and family came over to celebrate. We had a great time. Thank you for a fun time and the wonderful presents.

Uncle Ben and Nino Martin helping Daddy set up the jumping castle

This is fun

Nina Renee made this by hand. Thank you Nina. Its too beautiful to break.

Enjoying the jumping castle with Daddy and some friends.

Daddy made this cake for me. Poppy always made a special birthday cake for Daddy, so he wants to continue this tradition with me. I like the idea.

Nana and Grandpa

Caitlin and Nathalee. Nathalee is one of my cousins from Phoenix (Her Daddy is Mommy's cousin)
Angelica gave wagon rides to all of the kids. Nathalee and I are enjoying our turn.

Playing in the sandbox with Isabella.

Hanging out with the ladies.

Nina Renee helping me take the first swing at the pinata she made.

Now its Daddy's turn to help me.

Uncle Michael let me eat a lollypop from the pinata. It was very tasty but I made a mess. Uncle Michael came from New York to be at my birthday party.

I needed help to blow out the candles on my cake.

But I didn't need help eating it. Caitlin snuck a taste also.

My new stroller. I love to push my babies in the stroller.

Playing with my new instrument set with Caitlin.

I was very tired after a long day of partying.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Aunt Patti

Happy Birthday, Favorite Aunt Patti. I love you.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Daddy

Happy 36th Birthday, Daddy. I love you.

Playing ball with Daddy.

That tickles, Daddy.

Me and my Daddy. Hanging out with Caitlin.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

1 Year Old

Today I am one year old. Mommy and Daddy can't believe how fast the last year went by. I went to the doctor and I am 28 3/4 inches tall (25%) and 18 pounds 5 ounces (10%) (5 pounds 9 ounces and 17.5 inches long at birth). Mommy is very excited that I am in the 25th percentile for height. She was always below the growth charts. Maybe I will be taller than her. Anyway, Mommy and Daddy are very happy with my progress. I am a very happy girl most of the time. I eat anything and lots of it. I like to read books and play with my toys. Well, maybe I don't play with all of them but I do spread them throughout the house. I am very talkative, but i don't have many words yet. "Annie" was the first word I used appropriately. When I hear Annie bark, I look at the back door and say, "Annie." I also say Mom, Daddy, Alli, yes, and I shake my head no but I don't always use them appropriately. I am an excellent sleeper. I have a bottle before bed and then I sleep through the night. The doctor wants me to stop having a bottle before bed, so we will see how I handle that. Mommy stopped nursing me right after my 11 month birthday and I did not have any problems with it. I still have plenty of milk in the freezer. Mommy and Daddy say that I amaze them every day. Here are some pictures of me now and some pictures from when I was born. Look back to my first posts to see how much I've changed.
Mommy and Daddy got me a bat and ball like the gave Caitlin for her birthday. They got me one and planned on saving it for Christmas, but I liked Caitlin's so much they decided to give it to me early. I carry it around and say, "ball."

Thank you Aunt Dia.

Mommy came over for lunch to visit me. What a nice surprise.

I have a birthday party planned for April 17th, but we still had family dinner at home on my birthday.

Here I am in the big bathtub. If you scroll down you will see a picture of my first bath. What a difference.

Look at how tiny I am in my car seat. The doctor said I can face forward soon (I'm not 20 pounds yet). Mommy and Daddy will have to get me new car seats.

I was so tiny on the changing table and it was easy to change my diaper because I did not squirm. Now its difficult to change my diaper because I will not be still.

I'm about an hour old in this picture.

The easy days of giving me a bath. I love bath time now, but I don't like to sit still to get dressed after my bath. I like to run around naked.

Mommy's baby girl. I will always be Mommy's baby girl no matter how much I grow up.

Happy Birthday to Me

I am so excited about my big birthday present. I know I am still too small for it but I still have a good time. The family got together and got me a swing set. I love it. Poppy and Grandpa Corky spent three days putting it together. I couldn't wait to play on it. It has swings, a slide, a sandbox, a climbing wall, and a picnic bench.

Isn't it beautiful?

Higher, Daddy.

Daddy, you are too big for that slide.

I love playing in the sandbox.

Swinging on the glider with Angelica.