Sunday, February 28, 2010

San Diego: Day 5

Today we have to go home. We had a very nice vacation, but we have to go back to the real world. It took a long time to get home because we made multiple stops. I didn't fuss too much. Mommy and Daddy were very proud of me. I can't wait to go back to San Diego.
Passing the time by reading one on my favorite books...Ten Little Ladybugs.

Mommy, when can we go on vacation again?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

San Diego: Day 4

Today we went to Balboa Park. We went to the San Diego Air and Space Museum and the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. After dinner, we went to K1 Speed. It is an indoor go kart race track. I didn't get to drive (or ride), but I still had fun. Unfortunately, Mommy's camera ran out of batteries, so there are no pictures. Mommy, Daddy, Nino Martin, and Angelica got to race the go karts with other people. Daddy won two of his races and came in second on a third. Mommy beat Nino Martin, but he said it was only because Mommy weighted less, so she could go faster. Angelica had a little bit of trouble, but she got better and had a good time.

A future pilot? You never know...

Mommy and I

Mommy, can I have some freeze dried ice cream for lunch? I picked this out all by myself when Mommy left me too close to the display.

Maybe I will be an astronaut when I grow up.

Mommy, Daddy, and I at the fountain outside of the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. I will play in the fountain when I am older.

Making music in Kid City. The Science museum had an area for kids like me to play.

Daddy and Nino Martin built towers using small planks. Daddy let me knock his down when they were done.

Hanging out in the box of planks. I think they put me in here so I would not knock over their towers.

Friday, February 26, 2010

San Diego: Day 3

Today we spent most of the day at the beach. The weather was beautiful, but the water was still a little cold. We started off the day with a nice breakfast on the beach. Then I played in the water and sand while Daddy and Nino Martin went to The Lahaina House bar. We walked the boardwalk and went to the Sandbar. After dinner, we drove to Coronado Island to look around. When we got back to the hotel, Mommy, Daddy, and I rode the Bahia Belle. Its a boat that crosses the bay to the Catamaran. I surprised Mommy by walking 7 steps. There will be a video in a later post.
Playing with my toys while Mommy and Daddy get ready.

I could get used to this.

Mommy and I at the beach.

Mommy, Daddy, and I at the beach

I love you, Mommy

I am sticking my toes in the wet sand. I wanted to sit down, but Mommy wouldn't let me.

I picked up my feet when the water came. It was pretty cold.

This is a video of me at the beach for the first time

Daddy and I walking on the boardwalk

The Sandbar. Daddy and Nino Martin are upstairs in the middle window. I had to wait outside with Mommy, Nina Renee, and Angelica. I hope Mommy and Daddy will take me to the Sandbar when I turn 21.

Mommy got to go inside for a while.

Daddy and I on the top deck of the Bahia Belle. We both look very tired.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

San Diego: Day 2

After a fun filled first day of vacation, I couldn't imagine what Daddy had planned for us. He surprised us with a trip to Knott's Berry Farm. We told Angelica that we were going antiquing. She did not sound very excited, but she played along. Knott's Berry Farm was really fun because it was not crowded. The longest line they had to wait in was about 10 minutes and that was for only one ride. We waited longer for lunch than we did to get on the rides. Most of the rides we got right on, and some we were allowed to stay on until more riders came. I actually got to ride two train rides. One was the big train that goes around the park. The other was kind of scary to me. At the end of the day we had Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner. It was very yummy.

The crew getting ready to enter the park.

I can't wait to get on the rides.

Mommy and Daddy. I wasn't tall enough to ride this rollercoaster, so I waited with Nina Renee.

Riding the big train around the park.

My Ninos and Angelica

Daddy and I in front of the train.

This is before the scary train ride...

What was that? Why did it get so dark?

Save me Daddy. I don't think I like this ride.

I guess it wasn't that bad. I just didn't like the dark.

Time for a nap

Daddy and Angelica on the roller coaster. They are the ones with their hands up.

Time for a family picture in a bobsled.

My Ninos and Angelica

Daddy, I want my own chicken dinner. I promise to eat everything.

Mommy says I look like I'm up to no good in this picture.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

San Diego: Day 1

Today we left for San Diego. Mommy and Daddy got me up at 2:30 AM so I would sleep in the car. I slept to Yuma, but I work up when we stopped to get gas. I stayed up the rest of the ride and I did not fuss at all. We stayed at the Bahia. Mommy was worried about how we would keep my milk frozen for four days. When we checked in, Daddy asked the manager if we could keep the milk in their freezer and get some out each day. Instead, the manager upgraded our room and my Ninos' room to a suite, so we would have a full sized refrigerator. That was very nice of them. I guess it was good that we planned our vacation for the off season.

I am sleeping in the car, which allows everyone else (except Daddy because he was driving) to get some sleep.

Mommy, what's going on?

Our room at the Bahia. All the extra space nice because it gave me lots of room to get some exercise. I spent a lot of time in the stroller and car seat. There were not many places where I could move around freely.

The view from our room. There was a nice balcony, but we never got to enjoy it because we were too busy. This was a typical Bolle vacation. We needed to take a day off after the vacation to recover.

We enjoyed a nice breakfast at the Bahia before going to Sea World.

Nino Martin was wearing Angelica's menu.

My Ninos and Angelica.

Nino and I are sporting our shades in the bright California sun.

Mommy and I are waiting to see Clyde and Seymore

The Sea Lions Live Show. This was the only show I got to see. I was asleep during Pets Rule and the Shamu show was shut down because a trainer died in Orlando. Also, other shows were shut down because it was the off season. Mommy was disappointed with Sea World, but I still had a good time. Maybe next time will be better.

Nino Martin, Angelica, and Daddy getting ready to ride the Tea Cups

Nino, Angelica, and Daddy riding the Tea Cups. I was too small to ride....Bummer

Mommy and I at Rockin' Baja. I didn't get to eat any of the good food. Maybe next time.

The crew at Rockin' Baja

We walked off our big dinner in Old Town San Diego. This was a fun-filled first day in San Diego.